Custom Promotional Keyrings for Your Business

Custom Promotional Keyrings for Your Business

Keyrings make good promotional items for your business and they may serve you well. Promotional items are often used as branding items for your business and thus you need to make sure they are done well as they will be a reflection of your company image. When it comes to advertising and branding, the same concepts apply regardless of the item that is being used. Fortunately for keyrings, you can always do custom promotional keyrings which can work well to convey the message that you are planning on. Some of the things to keep in mind when looking at promotional keyrings for business include:


When it comes to keyrings, you can either spend more or less depending on your set budget. The amount of money that you have set aside will influence many decisions such as the kind of material that will be used, the quality of the keyrings, and the number of pieces that you can get. As a rule of thumb, it is best to go for the best quality that you can afford though again it depends on where you are planning to do the promotion. For example, for a trade fair, the quality does not matter as much as the quantity. Quality will give the client a certain impression about your business and may influence their buyer behavior.

Material used

There are different types of materials that can be used on keyrings such as plastic, metal and leather. It all depends on what you feel will work for you best and what you are trying to achieve. In some cases, you can mix up the materials to achieve something different. It also depends on where you plan to use the promotional keyring. For example, for tradeshows what will work best is plastic keyrings. For high end and executive gifts, most people go by leather or metal.


The material you have used will have an influence on the shapes that you can get. For plastic you have plenty of options. Leather and metal are very limiting in terms of the shapes that can be made. You will most likely be only limited to square or rectangle. For plastic you can get whatever shape you may choose.

Color and design

When it comes to the color and design, that will mainly be influenced by the company. You would want something that will represent your company well and thus you will be bound to stick to company colors. If not, the company colors it should at least complement your company colors. There are different textures and designs that you can use depending on your end goal. When it comes to design, work it out well so that it fits well with the available space that you have.

With those tips, it should be easy to make a keyring that will help you achieve your business goal. The best part is that there are many companies doing a good job on that and you can also check with promotional gift suppliers.

Personalized Lanyards – How to Start A Successful Lanyard Company

Personalized Lanyards – How to Start A Successful Lanyard Company

Regardless of the kind of business that you want to start, strategy and planning is very important. As much as a Lanyard business may look so simple and thus taken lightly, it will not be able to succeed without the right strategy. Lanyards come out as very simple but they are very relevant and hence they are here to stay. Before you get into the business of personalized lanyards, the following are factors you have to keep in mind:

Market research

It is only by surveying the market that you will get to understand about the needs of the market. Doing a research will help you identify your competitors and thus know what you can do to stay ahead of them. You will also know the market trends and how you can choose a niche and meet their needs accordingly. If you don’t know where to start with when doing your research, you can first start with the internet.

Get the relevant skills

Since you have an idea on what lanyard business entails and who are your target market, you can then get the right skills so that you can deliver what will meet the need. There are some people who may opt for buying and selling but that may not be as profitable. When you are able to personally make the lanyards, you can create something unique and play around with customizations which will be to your own advantage. Basically, with lanyards you need to learn about branding as that will be your primary job. Creativity is also important and the internet is a rich source of inspiration.

Decide the type of lanyards that you want

There are different kinds of lanyards in the market and it all depends on the niche that you are interested since different niches have different preferences.

Choose a good business name and register your business

When you are starting a company that deals with lanyards you are building your brand and people will want to associate with you because of the kind of brand that you have. In that regard, get a catchy name that will get one hooked. Choose the right logo, colors etc. Your business name will influence how visible your business will be in the market. Being registered is important as it shows your customers that you are serious in your business. Not many customers would want to associate with you when they find out you are not even registered.

Place of operation

When you are starting out, it is advisable to work remotely like from your home. Once your business has grown then you can get an office space where you can work from. Regardless of where you are working from you can still get customers like from social media.

Get the right supplier

You will definitely need someone to supply you with raw materials that you will be using to make the lanyards. Be sure to get the right one who will give you the best deals.

Bulk Custom Keyrings – How to Choose the Right Keyrings for Your Needs

Bulk Custom Keyrings – How to Choose the Right Keyrings for Your Needs

Keyrings are things that we cannot afford to ignore as we need them. In the recent past, many companies have switched to using keyrings are promotional items and that is why you will find suppliers with bulk custom keyrings. Keyrings can make good promotional items as you can customize it to suit your different sets of customers. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a keyring include:

Material used

There are different materials that can be used on a keyring and they all have different effects. The materials commonly used are leather, metal and plastic. Plastic is the most common because it is cheap and readily available. Metal and leather are also used for a more executive look since they are high quality and durable. If you are planning to use keyrings as a promotional item, you can use plastic for the event that you are concerned more about quantity than quality. On the other hand, you can use plastic and metal for your highly regarded prospective.

Size of the keyring

As much as most of the time keyrings come in a certain standard size, you can also get keyrings of other different sizes. The right size will depend on what you consider convenient for you.

Shape of the keyring

When it comes to shape of the keyrings most of them are either square or rectangle. You can however find any shape you want or you can customize. That will also be influenced by the material used. Most of the time it is only plastics that can be customized. Metal and leather are mostly a standard shape.


They normally say that the devil is in the detail. It is good to check on the workmanship to ensure that everything is at par. That is especially if you are planning on using the keyring as a promotional item since it will be more of a representation of your company and you would not want your company to be misrepresented.


Keyrings will come with different price tags depending on the quality of materials used and the workmanship. A high quality will definitely attract a higher cost. The price also depends on the volume of purchase. If you are doing bulk, you will obviously get at a cheaper price as you will get discounts. The cost of production of a large volume is also lower than the cost of producing one piece. The good thing about keyrings is that you are not entirely limited to a certain kind, you can get whatever you want. You can always play around with customization to get what you are looking for. There are many companies that deal with keyrings and they would be glad to give you what you are looking for. As part of branding, a simple keyring may be a small thing but may push up the sales revenue of your company. In a company it is all about defining your needs and having the right strategies.

How Lanyards Can Influence Your Business

How Lanyards Can Influence Your Business

The business world has grown increasingly competitive such that a small thing can make a big difference. Lanyards play a big role in branding and branding has a big influence on your ROI. The best part about using lanyards for promotion is that they are a budget investment and they can have a big impact. There are different types of lanyards in the market but for the best results it is best to go for custom lanyards as they will give you more business. Some of the ways in which lanyards play a vital role in your business include:

Competitive advantage

Lanyards will differentiate you from your competitors and can give you a competitive advantage. It is a simple way of showing that your business is serious and that may make customers to want to associate with you.

It makes it easy to carry work ID

Other than your staff having to go through the hustle of carrying their IDs, a lanyard will give them so much convenience as it makes it easy for them. With a lanyard you will avoid cases of misplacing of the IDs or forgetting them at home. A lanyard also makes it easy to carry all that one is given at work at the same time.

Easy differentiation

With custom lanyards it is easy to differentiate different departments in your business and also makes it possible to make your employees feel special as it gives them a unique identity thus makes them feel special which will be good for your business.

Strengthens your brand

Lanyard is a simple and strong way of making your brand stronger. It makes your brand to stand out and that will influence the success f the brand as customers want to associate with strong brands.

Promotional item

A lanyard makes a great promotional item if you want to promote your business. You can have your company name clearly written on it and the logo then give away the lanyards during a trade fair or any relevant event. It is likely that if a prospective uses the lanyard he will have the company in mind.

Clearly a lanyard can have an influence on a business. It is therefore worth to know the types of lanyards in the market in order to choose one. They include:

Polyester lanyard: Is the most common as polyester is durable. It offers much versatility on what you can do on the strap.

Woven lanyard: If you are looking for a lanyard where you can print on the strap then this is not the type for you. The strap is made through weaving. It is also very durable as it is made from a material almost similar to polyester.

Tubular lanyard: its name is due to the shape it has. It is made from polyester only that it is stitched in a circular way.

Nylon lanyard: As the name suggests, it is made from nylon. It is the most durable as nylon is stronger than polyester.

Custom Keyrings in Australia – How to Choose A Company to Do Customized Keyrings for You

Custom Keyrings in Australia – How to Choose A Company to Do Customized Keyrings for You

As much as there may be many companies that specialize in doing custom keyrings in Australia, not all of them will be able to deliver. Though it also depends on your needs as different people have different requirements. Custom keyrings have been popular with many companies using them as promotional items. Some of the things to keep in mind when you are looking for a company to do keyrings include:

Portfolio of the company

When looking for a company it is good to ask for the portfolio of the company. That will help you know the kind of work they have done before and will help you decide if you want to engage with them or not. If a company has a portfolio, it shows that they are serious about their dealings.

Reputation of the company

If the company has been in the industry for a while, it certainly has a certain reputation. You can know the reputation of a company by checking the reviews of the company or asking for referrals from work they have previously done before. From the experience of other people with the company you can gauge the experience you are likely to get from the company.

Services offered by the company

Since you are looking for customized keyrings check to confirm that the company actually does customized keyrings. As much as there are many companies in the market that offer relatively the same service, not all of them do customization. So, don’t risk. Also ask if there are any other services they offer. By knowing the services, they offer you can be able to find out if they match your needs.

Customer service

Since you will be dealing with the company in a way or the other, you would want a company that has excellent customer service. You need to check on their communication, who you are dealing with and how they approach your needs. Are they good listeners? Are they responsive? Are they always available? Those are some of the questions that you should keep in mind.


There is no customer that would want a shoddy job and that is why you should check on the quality of their work. What materials do they use? What is the quality of their work? Those are some of the questions that you should ask. Most of the time they will have samples of their work, you can ask them and gauge if you like the quality of their work.

Turnaround time

It is also good to get to know about the time it would take for your keyrings to be ready. There is nothing as bad as you were banking on using the keyrings for promotional purposes on a certain day and come that day it is not ready. It is also good to know their delivery process and options.


As much as cost depends on the quality, it is good to ask how pricing is done in the company to know if you will get value for money.

Creative Ways of Wearing Your Lanyard

Creative Ways of Wearing Your Lanyard

As much as lanyards may be stylish, not everyone likes wearing their lanyard on the neck. Well no doubt you can turn your lanyard into a fashion statement. Many people feel that lanyards make them stand out especially students and workers since it displays their IDs. The best part is even though you may be obliged to carry your lanyard, you can still look nice without necessarily standing out. Some of the ways in which you can carry your lanyard include:

Hang the lanyard on your bag

The primary function of a bag is to carry your valuables while you commute to your destination. You can also attach a lanyard on your bag. You can hang it from the straps of your bag. Regardless of the kind of bag, it can always carry a lanyard.

On your wrist

You are not limited to wearing your lanyard on your neck while it keeps hitting your chest. You can turn it into a wrist band or a bracelet by wearing it on your wrist. You only have to be creative when it comes to tying it so that it looks nice. You can mix it up with other bracelets or bands to make it look better.

Loop it around your belt

Of course, wearing your lanyard as a belt may not work out but you can loop it around your belt though that will be influenced by the colors you are wearing as you may want to make sure it will not spoil your look. The looping of the lanyard around the belt may however be more practical for men as compared to women.

Hang it from your pocket

Even though this is more common with students, it is fashionable than you may think. When need arises all you have to do is pull it out and you are good to go. It is an easy way to show what your lanyard represents without necessarily revealing your ID.

On your neck

This is the most common method of wearing lanyards and is deemed as boring. Well it does not have to be boring. You can customize it and bring it back to life. For example, you can add in prints and patterns that will give it a personality and will make it more vibrant.

On your ankle

Regardless of how weird it sounds, you can actually wrap your lanyard around your ankle. You make it into an ankle bracelet and pair it up with ankle boots to make it look trendy and upbeat. When you are especially visiting a park like a water themed park, it is very easy to lose the lanyard and tying it on your ankle is a secure way of ensuring that it is intact.

When it comes to lanyards, it is all about creativity. You can always do customizations to make it interesting and you can try wearing in different areas in different ways until you find what is best suitable for you

Custom Keyrings Australia – Choosing the Right Gifts for Your Customers

Custom Keyrings Australia – Choosing the Right Gifts for Your Customers

Customers want to feel special and appreciated. Giving gifts is one of the sure ways of making a customer feel appreciated. It is the small things that will give you a competitive advantage and make a client choose you to your competitor. When it comes to giving your customer gifts it does not have to be necessarily the special days such as Diwali and Christmas but can be anytime. There are many things that you can give as gifts for example you can get custom keyrings Australia. The big loyal customers should always be appreciated to give them a reason to stay. Some of the things to keep in mind when choosing what to gift your customers include:

Customer profile

Customers are different and profiling them will help make it easier for you to choose a gift for them. Is it a corporate or an individual? Of course, a corporate and an individual will be gifted differently. It is also good to look at their age, their occupation, their interests, and spending habits among others. As much as there are gifts that will work for all customers, customizing will make the customer feel more special and the gift is likely to be of more relevance to them.

Goals of the company

The position of the company will be a great influence to what gift will be most appropriate. What is your goal or objective of giving the gift? What do you aim to achieve? Is it long-term or short term? Those are some of the questions to keep in mind as you think of a gift.

Your budget

You can get gifts across different price tags. It does not have to be necessarily expensive. You also don’t have to necessarily make something special, you can as well just give a gift voucher or coupons which the customer can redeem. Again, it depends on the position of the company. You need to set a budget as it is very easy to go overboard. A budget will help keep your expenditures in check.

Who will do your gifts

As much as in some cases you may decide to do the gifts yourself, in some cases you may need the help of professionals to do it for you. For example, if you need keyrings you will need a professional company that deals with keyrings. When it comes to choosing a company be careful so that you choose the right gift. There is nothing as bad as spending your money on something that is not worth it, or getting a gift that your customers will not value.

The occasion

There are some cases where you may have an inspiration to gift your customers. Of course, customers are gifted because of different reasons. There are some gifts that will be best suitable for certain occasions and not others. For example, for the case of new year the best gift would be a calendar or a diary.

The bottom line is that when thinking of gifting your customers you have to stay open minded and creative. All in all, at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts the most.

Branded Lanyards – How to Choose the Right Promotional Items for Your Company

Branded Lanyards – How to Choose the Right Promotional Items for Your Company

With the rise in competition in the marketplace, companies are obliged to up their game every day. It is the dream of any company t make an impact in the eyes of the customer as a happy customer is a successful company. A happy customer is very likely to advertise more about the company through word of mouth and that will make the company a success. Promotional items such as branded lanyards have long been used to get the attention of a prospective customer. Some of the things to keep in mind when choosing a promotional item include:

Your prospective customer niches

A customer is the boss and thus is the one who will guide you in determining what is best suitable for him. It all depends on what your business is doing and who are your target prospective. Different customer profiles will have different items that will be best suitable for them.

Your budget

The kind of budget you have will have a direct influence on the kind of promotional item that will be best suitable. Good thing is that there are promotional items across different price tags and thus you will definitely find something that will fall within your budget. In some cases, you can also get creative to cut down on the costs or you can do a DIY especially if you are in the creatives industry.

The occasion

The kind of occasion that you are planning to give the promotional item is a good consideration to make. There are some items that that would be best suitable for some occasions and not others. For example, for a sport event a wrist band or a lanyard would be best suitable. For a trade fair flyer, brochures of carry bags would be ideal. You would want an item that would be relevant and one that would not end up in the bin soon.

Goals and objectives of the company

Different companies have different objectives on why they have promotional items. As much as the main goal for many is to promote the company, there are different objectives of different companies. It is good to have clear goals and objectives in order to know how to attain them. If for example you want the item to have a lasting impact you would have to go for items that would last longer and not items such as flyers. T-shirts and hats would be a good choice.

In as much as you may have considered all those factors and maybe thought of a promotional item, you need to give special consideration to the quality. Remember the item will brand your company and you would want your company to be branded right. Most customers want to be associated with quality and if the item is of high quality then it is more likely to last longer and have an impact to the customers. In some cases, you may have to go for customized gifts especially of you are targeting the big sharks.

Custom Keyrings – How Companies Can Choose the Right Promotional Product?

Custom Keyrings – How Companies Can Choose the Right Promotional Product

With the rise in competition in the marketplace, companies are under pressure to be strategic in all their moves including choosing a promotional product. The dynamics of marketing are large and they are the ones that will mostly contribute to the success of your business. They say marketing is the backbone of any organization. When it comes to promotional products, choosing the right one makes all the difference. For example, something like custom keyrings can make a big difference. Some of the factors that you should keep in mind when thinking of a promotional product include:

Your target recipient

Customer is king and it is important for businesses to keep that in mind in every step of the business. It pays to understand your customer and what will impress them after all you are in business because of your customer. In defining your customer niche some of the factors to keep in mind include the age, gender, income range, occupation, location, and their interest among many other things. That will help you easily choose a product that will move them.

The event

When it comes to choosing a promotional product its all about the situation at hand and what will be suitable for the event. The product will have to be promoted in an event and it is good to think about that event. For example, for a tradeshow, a carry bag will make a good promotional gift as those visiting the tradeshow can carry their fliers and brochures in the carry bag. It is a great and smart way to promote your company.

Think long-term

You need to think what is your objective for the promotional product and if its effects are meant to be long-term or short-term. Some of the long-term products that can be used include clothes, and hats among others. Short term may include flyers, and brochures among others. What you choose is all governed by your goals.

The product should be useful and relevant

There is nothing as bad as you have given time to make your promotional product then it is just thrown in the trash. The chances of the product being thrown away is slim if the product is useful to your prospect. Products such as clothes, hats, umbrellas, and tote bags among others are less likely not to be useful. The focus should not be in making a beautiful product but a useful and relevant product.

Have a proper plan

It is good to keep in mind that your promotional products will not be ready immediately. Most of the time you will need at least two weeks for the product to be ready. It should be ready on time for meeting or campaign. In some cases, you may need the right professionals to do it for you so that you get the right items that are of high quality and on time.

There are many companies dealing with branding but it is good to look deeper into them in order to make the right choice. In some cases, you will need referrals to be on the safe side.

Cheap Lanyards – How to Choose the Best Id Lanyard for Your Company

Cheap Lanyards – How to Choose the Best Id Lanyard for Your Company

Currently there are more and more companies that have embraced using lanyards for their staff ID. Lanyards make it so convenient to carry the ID and it becomes easy for identification maybe to show one is a staff or even for branding purposes. Well because a lanyard that is carrying the work ID is more of a representation of the company, you would not wan tot end up with cheap lanyards that are badly done. For starters, since it is representing the company it has to be as professional as possible. Some of the things to keep in mind when looking for a lanyard include:


Lanyards are mostly in two styles: break away and the non-breakaway style. When it comes to comparing the two, it is better to go for the breakaway lanyards as they are safer. That is because in case of anything, the breakaway lanyard will easy open hence protecting the wearer from injury. On the other hand, non-breakaway will not easily open exposing the wearer to injury.


Lanyards come in different styles. There are many materials that may be used including eco friendly materials which is on the upward trend. The common styles are the round braid and the flat braid. Since you would want as much convenience with the lanyard as possible, it is better to go for the Optibraid and the Optiweave lanyards as you can easily detach your Id while you are wearing it.

Custom lanyards

If you are really into branding your company, it is best to go for custom lanyards. The best part about customization is that you can get your company name and logo on the lanyard. You can al so choose the right colors and fonts that will represent your company well. The only trick is that you will have to get a company that is good in what it doing so that they can do a good job for you.

How the ID card will attach to the Lanyard

There are many ways in which the card can attach to the Lanyard. It all depends n our style and what you prefer. The commonly used style is the lanyard hook as most people find it convenient. If you are not into lanyard hooks you can also use clips or other types of hooks.


When it comes to lanyards, the quality of the materials used goes a long way. Since it will be used professionally, it is best to go for the best quality possible. The material used should be of good quality and the clips too. Good thing about quality is that you will be assured of durability and hence value for money.

Since you know what to look for, it is important to do your due diligence so that you get a company that will do a good job. Know about the company and their past projects. It also helps to go through their reviews or ask for referrals.