Branded Lanyards – How to Choose the Right Promotional Items for Your Company

Branded Lanyards – How to Choose the Right Promotional Items for Your Company

With the rise in competition in the marketplace, companies are obliged to up their game every day. It is the dream of any company t make an impact in the eyes of the customer as a happy customer is a successful company. A happy customer is very likely to advertise more about the company through word of mouth and that will make the company a success. Promotional items such as branded lanyards have long been used to get the attention of a prospective customer. Some of the things to keep in mind when choosing a promotional item include:

Your prospective customer niches

A customer is the boss and thus is the one who will guide you in determining what is best suitable for him. It all depends on what your business is doing and who are your target prospective. Different customer profiles will have different items that will be best suitable for them.

Your budget

The kind of budget you have will have a direct influence on the kind of promotional item that will be best suitable. Good thing is that there are promotional items across different price tags and thus you will definitely find something that will fall within your budget. In some cases, you can also get creative to cut down on the costs or you can do a DIY especially if you are in the creatives industry.

The occasion

The kind of occasion that you are planning to give the promotional item is a good consideration to make. There are some items that that would be best suitable for some occasions and not others. For example, for a sport event a wrist band or a lanyard would be best suitable. For a trade fair flyer, brochures of carry bags would be ideal. You would want an item that would be relevant and one that would not end up in the bin soon.

Goals and objectives of the company

Different companies have different objectives on why they have promotional items. As much as the main goal for many is to promote the company, there are different objectives of different companies. It is good to have clear goals and objectives in order to know how to attain them. If for example you want the item to have a lasting impact you would have to go for items that would last longer and not items such as flyers. T-shirts and hats would be a good choice.

In as much as you may have considered all those factors and maybe thought of a promotional item, you need to give special consideration to the quality. Remember the item will brand your company and you would want your company to be branded right. Most customers want to be associated with quality and if the item is of high quality then it is more likely to last longer and have an impact to the customers. In some cases, you may have to go for customized gifts especially of you are targeting the big sharks.

Cheap Lanyards – How to Choose the Best Id Lanyard for Your Company

Cheap Lanyards – How to Choose the Best Id Lanyard for Your Company

Currently there are more and more companies that have embraced using lanyards for their staff ID. Lanyards make it so convenient to carry the ID and it becomes easy for identification maybe to show one is a staff or even for branding purposes. Well because a lanyard that is carrying the work ID is more of a representation of the company, you would not wan tot end up with cheap lanyards that are badly done. For starters, since it is representing the company it has to be as professional as possible. Some of the things to keep in mind when looking for a lanyard include:


Lanyards are mostly in two styles: break away and the non-breakaway style. When it comes to comparing the two, it is better to go for the breakaway lanyards as they are safer. That is because in case of anything, the breakaway lanyard will easy open hence protecting the wearer from injury. On the other hand, non-breakaway will not easily open exposing the wearer to injury.


Lanyards come in different styles. There are many materials that may be used including eco friendly materials which is on the upward trend. The common styles are the round braid and the flat braid. Since you would want as much convenience with the lanyard as possible, it is better to go for the Optibraid and the Optiweave lanyards as you can easily detach your Id while you are wearing it.

Custom lanyards

If you are really into branding your company, it is best to go for custom lanyards. The best part about customization is that you can get your company name and logo on the lanyard. You can al so choose the right colors and fonts that will represent your company well. The only trick is that you will have to get a company that is good in what it doing so that they can do a good job for you.

How the ID card will attach to the Lanyard

There are many ways in which the card can attach to the Lanyard. It all depends n our style and what you prefer. The commonly used style is the lanyard hook as most people find it convenient. If you are not into lanyard hooks you can also use clips or other types of hooks.


When it comes to lanyards, the quality of the materials used goes a long way. Since it will be used professionally, it is best to go for the best quality possible. The material used should be of good quality and the clips too. Good thing about quality is that you will be assured of durability and hence value for money.

Since you know what to look for, it is important to do your due diligence so that you get a company that will do a good job. Know about the company and their past projects. It also helps to go through their reviews or ask for referrals.

How To Choose The Right Lanyards

How To Choose The Right Lanyards

Lanyards are very versatile and they can be used to ID cards and keys among many other things. Currently they are many companies that have embraced using them as promotional items. There are lanyards of different types and styles and sometimes it may be confusing to choose one. Some of the factors that you should keep in mind when looking for a Layard include:


The webbing should be in such a way that it is adaptable to endure tough conditions such as sunlight and rain among many other factors. It also depends o the environmental you will be using the lanyard. For example, if you are in a construction site, cable lanyards or those made from Nomex should work fine. There are also those made from nylon and polyester and those that are shock absorbing.

Connectors & Hooks

There are different kinds of hooks that can be used snap hooks being the most common. There are also the rebar hooks which has a big opening and is commonly referred scaffold hooks and pelican hooks. In some cases, you can use carabiners which may be used as a hook. Most of the time connectors and hooks are made using steel or aluminum to help your lanyard not to be heavy.


As much as 6 ft is like the standard weight for lanyards, it can be shorter or longer depending on your needs. The length should be in such a way that it does not get in your way while you are working.


The purpose of the lanyard will influence how it will be. That will help it fulfil its purpose well. For example, if it used as a marketing tool high quality material where the wordings will come out well should be used. If it is used as a branding or marketing tool, it will be a representation of your company and you would want your company to be represented well. The colors and the laces used are very important. They should be as professional as possible.

If you plan on giving away the lanyards at a trade fair, it is good to make sure that they are as professional as possible and represent your company well.

If its for a sports event, it should be as durable as possible since sports people are normally physically active.

End users

Before deciding on a lanyard, it is good to keep the end users in mind your employees and students for example will most of the time not have the same kind of lanyard. For students it has to be cost effective but at the same time durable. For employees it has to be of quality and professional. If it is for promotional purposes it should be best suitable for your niche market.


Your budget will define the kind of lanyard you will get. Some lanyards are expensive because of the quality of the materials used. When it comes to the budget it depends on your priorities.