Creative Ways of Wearing Your Lanyard

Creative Ways of Wearing Your Lanyard

Creative Ways of Wearing Your Lanyard

As much as lanyards may be stylish, not everyone likes wearing their lanyard on the neck. Well no doubt you can turn your lanyard into a fashion statement. Many people feel that lanyards make them stand out especially students and workers since it displays their IDs. The best part is even though you may be obliged to carry your lanyard, you can still look nice without necessarily standing out. Some of the ways in which you can carry your lanyard include:

Hang the lanyard on your bag

The primary function of a bag is to carry your valuables while you commute to your destination. You can also attach a lanyard on your bag. You can hang it from the straps of your bag. Regardless of the kind of bag, it can always carry a lanyard.

On your wrist

You are not limited to wearing your lanyard on your neck while it keeps hitting your chest. You can turn it into a wrist band or a bracelet by wearing it on your wrist. You only have to be creative when it comes to tying it so that it looks nice. You can mix it up with other bracelets or bands to make it look better.

Loop it around your belt

Of course, wearing your lanyard as a belt may not work out but you can loop it around your belt though that will be influenced by the colors you are wearing as you may want to make sure it will not spoil your look. The looping of the lanyard around the belt may however be more practical for men as compared to women.

Hang it from your pocket

Even though this is more common with students, it is fashionable than you may think. When need arises all you have to do is pull it out and you are good to go. It is an easy way to show what your lanyard represents without necessarily revealing your ID.

On your neck

This is the most common method of wearing lanyards and is deemed as boring. Well it does not have to be boring. You can customize it and bring it back to life. For example, you can add in prints and patterns that will give it a personality and will make it more vibrant.

On your ankle

Regardless of how weird it sounds, you can actually wrap your lanyard around your ankle. You make it into an ankle bracelet and pair it up with ankle boots to make it look trendy and upbeat. When you are especially visiting a park like a water themed park, it is very easy to lose the lanyard and tying it on your ankle is a secure way of ensuring that it is intact.

When it comes to lanyards, it is all about creativity. You can always do customizations to make it interesting and you can try wearing in different areas in different ways until you find what is best suitable for you