Custom Promotional Keyrings for Your Business

Custom Promotional Keyrings for Your Business

Custom Promotional Keyrings for Your Business

Keyrings make good promotional items for your business and they may serve you well. Promotional items are often used as branding items for your business and thus you need to make sure they are done well as they will be a reflection of your company image. When it comes to advertising and branding, the same concepts apply regardless of the item that is being used. Fortunately for keyrings, you can always do custom promotional keyrings which can work well to convey the message that you are planning on. Some of the things to keep in mind when looking at promotional keyrings for business include:


When it comes to keyrings, you can either spend more or less depending on your set budget. The amount of money that you have set aside will influence many decisions such as the kind of material that will be used, the quality of the keyrings, and the number of pieces that you can get. As a rule of thumb, it is best to go for the best quality that you can afford though again it depends on where you are planning to do the promotion. For example, for a trade fair, the quality does not matter as much as the quantity. Quality will give the client a certain impression about your business and may influence their buyer behavior.

Material used

There are different types of materials that can be used on keyrings such as plastic, metal and leather. It all depends on what you feel will work for you best and what you are trying to achieve. In some cases, you can mix up the materials to achieve something different. It also depends on where you plan to use the promotional keyring. For example, for tradeshows what will work best is plastic keyrings. For high end and executive gifts, most people go by leather or metal.


The material you have used will have an influence on the shapes that you can get. For plastic you have plenty of options. Leather and metal are very limiting in terms of the shapes that can be made. You will most likely be only limited to square or rectangle. For plastic you can get whatever shape you may choose.

Color and design

When it comes to the color and design, that will mainly be influenced by the company. You would want something that will represent your company well and thus you will be bound to stick to company colors. If not, the company colors it should at least complement your company colors. There are different textures and designs that you can use depending on your end goal. When it comes to design, work it out well so that it fits well with the available space that you have.

With those tips, it should be easy to make a keyring that will help you achieve your business goal. The best part is that there are many companies doing a good job on that and you can also check with promotional gift suppliers.